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The traditional and ever popular gift of a tankard, whether pewter or glass, is a good choice for many occasions.

Pewter items are making a revival as both craftsman and consumers are rediscovering the glowing beauty and practical function of pewter gifts. Pewter is an alloy consisting of approximately 91% tin and containing antimony and copper for strength and color, respectively. Modern pewter contains NO LEAD whatsoever. Physically, pewter is a bright, shiny metal that is very similar in appearance to silver although it does not tarnish like silver.

Many of these tankards are perfect to personalise with engraving, whether a simple 'Happy Birthday' message or a complex design including an appropriate picture/design.
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Pewter Kings Shilling 1 Pint Tankard
Pewter Kings Shilling 1 Pint Tankard
Our Price: £46.99 Inc VAT

This beautiful heavy weight one pint pewter tankard is one of the most iconic and historically significant tankards of our range, telling as it does the story of how Naval press gangs used to trick drinkers to enlist using glass bottomed tankards.  The tankard is completed with a glass bottom, with enclosed Shilling and a gorgeous Worcester rope style handle to give it a historic and striking overall look, as well as having the added interest of the story which it tells.
The back side is plain to allow for you to personal with your own message and / crest or picture.
Pewter Best Man Tankard
Our Price: £43.99 Inc VAT

Your special day can only be so special if your loved ones are there beside so, so why not show your Best Man that you appreciate them by giving them this delightful heavy weight one pint pewter tankard as a wonderful memento of the occasion.

The heavier gauge of metal used in the construction of this tankard gives it a more substantial feel, and the nouveau style handle adds a little bit of extra flair. The straight sided body features an image on one side which includes two top hats, confetti and the message 'Best Man for a day Best friend for life'.

The other side features the text ‘was best man at the marriage of’ with space above and below for the engraving of the best man’s, bride’s and groom’s names.

The high quality 13cm tall pewter tankard will not rust or tarnish over time, and as such is the perfect way to remember such a special day for years to come.

Pewter Masonic Tankard - with square and compass only or with 'G' in centre
Pewter Masonic Tankard
Our Price: £40.00 Inc VAT

Pewter Masonic Tankard which celebrates an historic and traditional group - the Masons.
The straight edged body of this tankard is decorated with the traditional masonic image of a compass and set-square (available with or without G), making it the perfect gift for a loved one who is proud of their connection to this elite and traditional organisation.
Pewter Avalon Tankard
Pewter Avalon Tankard
Our Price: £40.00 Inc VAT

Heavy guage, tall 1 pint pewter Avalon tankard with embossed celtic band design top and bottom, with large noveau handle.  Personalise with engraving to make this a striking gift for any occasion.
Pewter  2 Line Swan Handle  Tankard
Pewter 2 Line Swan Handle Tankard
Our Price: £26.99 Inc VAT

Pewter  2 Line Swan Handle Tankard
Pewter Plain Tankard
Pewter Plain Tankard
Our Price: £25.00 Inc VAT

Pewter Plain Tankard - This beautiful one pint pewter tankard has a highly polished straight, plain body that creates an elegant and stylish effect when twinned with the modern square handle.
Pewter Page Boy Mini Tankard
Pewter Page Boy Mini Tankard
Our Price: £22.99 Inc VAT

Weddings are marvellous occasions that the happy couple will remember forever, and often they have their closest friends and families to thank for making them go off without a hitch. This beautiful 8.5cm by 5cm pewter cup is an excellent way for the happy couple to thank their page boy for the part he played.

The body of the cup is decorated with a large engraving scroll flanked by two cherubs and sitting below the text ‘Page Boy’. Our expert engravers will then add your own choice of engraving to the scroll to make the gift truly unique and personal.

Lovingly crafted from high quality lead free pewter, the cup will not rust or tarnish over time.
Steel 1 Pint Tankard
Steel 1 Pint Tankard
Our Price: £22.00 Inc VAT

Steel 1 Pint Tankard
Traditional Heeled 1 pt Glass Tankard
Traditional Heeled 1 pt Glass Tankard
Our Price: £19.99 Inc VAT

This stylish heeled tankard is bold and solid and makes a fantastic addition to any enthusiast's glass collection.  Whether it's filled with beer or coke, it makes a practical present that can be used on a daily basis.

There is a large engraving area that can be personalised with any crest, logo or wording to create a gift that is sure to take pride of place when put on display at home or at work. Pick from our many pictures and ready made designs, or tell us what you require and we will see what we can do.  The bigger the challenge, the happier our engraving team!
Special Age Senator Pilsner Beer Glass
Special Age Senator Pilsner Beer Glass
Our Price: £19.00 Inc VAT

This simple, fuss-free pint glass comes engraved with a special birthday design.  Simply choice which design you prefer, then add in your own details (ie name, age, date and message).

So whether it's a special birthday gift such as 18th for your Son, or a 70th for your Grandad, you can tailor this glass to your needs.

* See the extended information section to see the special age designs and pick the perfect one for you.