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Coronet Engravers is one of Plymouth city centre's most established ear piercers.

Fully licensed and insured premises.
We use only official Caflon sterile disposable cartridge ear piercing studs and all equipment complies with all the elements of the British Health Authority.
Our fully trained staff offer a friendly and welcoming service to comfort even the most nervous of people.

Customer's come from as far away as Norfolk specifically to get their children's ears pierced at Coronet because of our reputation.  You ask 80% of Plymothian's who have their ears pierced, and they will tell you they had them pierced at Coronet or someone in the family did. We often hear Grandparents saying to little ones, "I had my ears pierced in here when I was little"

Coronet Engravers, ear piercing for generations.

Minimum age: 3 years. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

  Gift Vouchers* available for ear piercing - makes a unique gift.

Ear Piercing After Care
* If under 16 a parent will need to come into the shop to fill out a permission slip prior to the ear piercing being carried out.